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The Nylon Belt First Aid Kit (BFAK) contains the life saving necessities that every officer should carry. It has a slim design that maintains a professional appearance and workable size, while the bidirectional mounting system provides options for placement. - Concealable and Discrete- Compact and lightweight- Essential medical supplies Contents include: BFAK...
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Para-X Individual Medical Kit The Individual Medical Kit (IMK) carries mission essential medical supplies in an operationally sized pouch allowing for easy access. The designs utility and durability forgo unnecessary bells and whistles that can complicate a process.. Compact and lightweight  Essential medical supplies 2 in belt attachment IMK Pouch 1...
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  The Para-X Dropleg IFAK takes your capabilities a step above your standard issue IFAKS. A step above the standard size with dual mounting capability as either a standard MOLLE attachment or drop leg capability. The Para-X Ifak is designed to be extremely durable and meet the requirements of the toughest missions....
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PARA-X MIFAK Having the essentials means everything and the PARA-X MIFAK offers just that!  It’s small size and comprehensive contents make it an essential part of tactical operations. The Para-X MIFAK was developed with input from operators to help combat the two leading causes of death in tactical operations, Massive...
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REFILL INCLUDES: QTY NOMEN 1 Compressed Gauze 1 H-Bandage Compression Bandage 1 Chest Seal 1 Trauma Shear, BLK, Large 1 Combat Gauze LE 1 Windlass Tourniquet SOFTT-NH 1 Minor Injury Kit ( 3 standard bandaids, 2 Knuckle bandaids, 2 antimicrobial wipes,1 pr nitrile glove) 10 4” x 4” sterile gauze...
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Designed to provide its user with immediate access to products intended to stop traumatic hemorrhaging and provide barrier protection.  Contents:  Hemostatic Gauze Windlass Tourniquet Swatt Tourniquet Gloves Cpr Shield
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