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PSD An orthopedic quick splint stabilization device that provides for external pelvic ring integrity using a circumferential enveloping framesheet with midline applied single-point bilateral retractable closure system, applied by one person that is the initial stabilization of choice for immediate management of pelvic ring injuries. Used acutely in management of exsanguinating...
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Tac Med Operator® TRAUMANET   Less Weight ... Less Cubes =18D Med Pack Capability TacMedOperator® TraumaNetTM  MicroLite Cost-Effective for Disposal... Tough enough for Reuse   CAPABILITIES: Upper / Lower Extemity ​RIGID Long-Axis ​FORMABLE Off-Axis ​TRACTION Integrated   SPECIFICATIONS:​ ​CASE:      2" x 4" x 11" WEIGHT:  22 oz / 637 g SPLINTS:  (1) TMO-36TN   RIGID splint capability... Simply unroll framesheet, place Monostay in...
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TAC MED OPERATOR X TRAC PAKS M U L T I F U NC T I O N A L    S P L I N T RIGID Long-Axis Immobilization Tac Med Operator® delivers RIGID long bone immobilization from an enveloping framesheet with long-axis monostay to provide a rigid posterior supporting platform with...