$ 2,215.00

Product Features

  • Realistic anatomy including head tilt, chin lift, compression depth, compression force and chest rise.
  • Sensor indicates correct hand placement
  • Ventilation system provides appropriate chest rise with BMV (Bag Valve Mask) and MTM (Mouth to Mouth).
  • Enhanced measurement and feedback capabilities.
  • Wireless connectivity with SimPad SkillReporter or Resusci Anne Wireless SkillReporter software
  • Wired connectivity with SkillGuide or SimPad SkillReporter
  • Guidelines compliant

Optional Configurations

Resusci Anne® QCPR® is available in configurations for AED Training, QCPRD Training  and airway management

  • AED Training:  Compatible with AED Trainer 2 and AED Trainer 3
  • QCPR-D Training: Compatible with live defibrillators
  • Airway Head:  For training airway management