With the Global War On Terror in full swing overseas, a large disconnect grew between the tactical medical kit manufacturers and the needs of our military and homeland security sectors. With an increased focus on the safety and survivability of our service members and first responders, the demand for medical kits has increased every year.  The medical kit manufacturers at the time only wanted to sell their stock line of medical kits to all of their customers regardless of their mission set or budgetary concerns.  Many of these companies were unresponsive to the end users requests when it came to: contents, packaging, or incorporating other manufacturers products into their kits.  It was during this time of necessity that the PARA-X line of medical kits was born. PARA-X is BMKV's first signature brand, and is used exclusively for the companies custom medical kit line.  The PARA-X brand is a true custom medical kit line in which the customers requirements out weigh the drive to sell a stock medical kit.  With BMKV's extensive manufacturer reach and integration capabilities, a true custom solution can be made for every requirement.  The contents, configuration, packaging, and budgetary concerns can all be tailored to fit each requirement and situation.  While the PARA-X line does offer stock medical kits, that have been vetted by years of military and private sector service, many of these kits are used as a solid foundation for end users to customize their medical kit needs.

With the PARA-X line of medical kits there is no limit to the amount of customization that can be incorporated so that the medical requirements are not just met but exceeded every time.