SIM-X Kits


After years fighting the Global War On Terror, the US Military has come to realize the value of realism based simulation training to prepare its warfighters for their next mission.  SIM-X is BMKV's second signature brand, and is used exclusively for the companies realism based simulation and training kit line.  The SIM-X brand is a true value add solution that provides custom configurable simulation and training kits that when used during training will prepare warfighters and first responders for any scenario they may see on the battlefield. SIM-X kits are built on a premise that strength is forged under pressure, within each SIM-X kit are purpose built products that are designed to stress users, both mentally and physically, so that they can see how their bodies will react during the fight, and can be better prepared to overcome these natural reactions in the field.

With the SIM-X line of simulation and training kits there is no limit to the amount of customization and stressors that can be incorporated into your realism based training scenarios.  Using these kits will help you gain an edge while preparing for the fight.